A Bevy of Meticulous, Assiduous, Punctilious… oh, ok! Fussy Cutting

alexander_henry_after_darkIf you’re a little confused by the title of this post, I highly recommend checking out this post by Kitty at Night Quilter.  Kitty sums the argument up very well, and I tend to agree with her that the term “fussy” comes across as pejorative, so I’m joining the ranks of those looking for an alternate title for this kind of selective cutting.

It’s not something I engage in a lot of.  Firstly, I usually make my quilts from solids, and secondly, I’m not keen on the amount of waste I generate on a good cutting day.  I just fell deeply in love with this Alexander Henry print, After Dark, and I desperately wanted to make a quilt with it.


after_dark_alexander_henryI’ve had the pattern for Brioche and Baguettes by Modern Quilt Relish in my stash for the better part of two years, and thought this fabric would be the perfect match for it.  That, and I had more than a few friends express skepticism about how to use this fabric in a quilt, so, of course, I decided to attempt to set them an example.

I’m whipping up a throw sized quilt with these, and will hopefully have it ready to show you shortly.  It’s a far cry from my usual style, but not everything in my stash is a Kona solid or a bundle of OOP Tula.

Hopefully I’ll see you shortly with the finished top.



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